Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've Seen 3:10 TO YUMA

"Hey Christian, have you ever seen the movie Broke Back Mountain?"

I know that the title might suggest that the movie is about a fat kid who posts himself on YouTube singing the Hungarian dance classic "Numa Numa", but it isn't.

It's about a dirt poor rancher (Christian Bale) who will be paid a whopping $200 if he delivers an extremely dangerous wanted felon (Russell Crowe) to a train that leaves at 3:10 pm to Yuma, Arizona. It's a wonderful place where criminals are hung from trees like Christmas lights.

The cast for the main characters were great. Crowe played his antagonist role extremely well. It wasn't over the top, but subdued. Eventually, I even grew to like Russell's cold blooded character. I guess I'm sick that way. And nobody can do a better American accent than Christian Bale - not even the great John Wayne.

I highly recommend this film if you like exceptional Westerns.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sleepy Mimi

It's been reported that Mariah Carey sleeps 15 hours a day in a "controlled environment" to preserve her vocal chords. Does having a coffin as a bed count as a "controlled environment"?

I ask this because it is rumored that Mariah Carey changes into her true form at every full moon to THIS:

"Do you think I'm sex-aaaay?"


Britney Spears Shall Be Captioned

Spears uses sign language to relay to the press that she's off to undergo another lobotomy.

Britney royally messes up Chris Angel's "Finger Up the Nose" trick.

Spears shows off her original new gang sign.

Britney has a message for all her young fans.

Spears has to count on her fingers to figure out how old her youngest son is.

Shortly after speeding away in her convertible, Britney's wig blew off.

Not looking where she was going, Britney accidentally ran over her children.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Wachowski, uh, Brothers?

The Wachowski brothers created and directed the awesome movie, The Matrix.

Like Michael Jackson before him(?), Larry Wachowski decided to undergo a major transformation after having significant success in the entertainment industry.

First there was the hormone therapy.

Finally, there was the castration and vagina reconstructive surgery.

Now Larry Wachowski goes by the name of Lana Wachowski.

Larry Wachowski has a tendency to become extremely competitive when it comes to Halloween costumes.


Kat Von D's Tats

Kat Von D documents the explanation of her tattoos, so that a coroner can identify her body if she ever gets charred in a freak laser removal accident.