Thursday, September 01, 2011


"You're just jelly that my back-to-school clothes are more stylin than yours."

"No, let her go, mom. I'll take you BOTH on!"

"Later on, you guys in the mood for a little mother-daughter 3 way action?"

"Touch my cashmere sweater again and I will end you."

"So what if I reinvested her lunch money on crack cocaine venture?"
"You want a piece of me, bro? Step up!"

"Pet me again and my lawyers will slap your chubby cheeks with a restraining order!"
"That's right, little girl. Santa Clause is a LIE."

"I dare you to call me a 'chimp' again, ya stunted midget!"

"True story. The movie Rise of the Apes is a porn."
"I'll give your little girl my banana for that jacket. What?"