Friday, July 27, 2007

YouTube Debate Highlight

Hillary's expression is worth the price of admission.


Joe Rogan's Take on People

Personally, I think that human beings are the cruelest and the most sympathetic creatures this solar system has to offer.

I believe our purpose is to constantly better ourselves as a society, yet we continually revert back to our animalistic origins courtesy of our hate and greed fueled emotions. Road rage, unkind sentiments, cursing, bullying, unnecessary hostility, rape, robberies, and war are just a few examples.

Possessing other emotions (other than caring ones) hinders most of our spiritual progress towards achieving a terran based utopia.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Esai Moralless

Esai Morales, actor in the movie Bad Boys, has been accused of raping his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Mazzocchi.

Apparently, rape wasn't punishment enough for Mazzocchi, for Morales decided to also leave a parting gift of herpes - also known as the Forget-Me-Nots of sexually transmitted diseases.

At least he can still bump uglies with Paris Hilton without any worries about spreading his venereal virus.

Esai's career isn't totally ruined either. He can still make good money being on Valtrex commercials.


Lindsay Lohan = Lush

REPORTER: "You just got out of rehab - what's the first thing you going to do?"

LINDSAY: "Coke. I mean Coca-Cola ads."

Lindsay Lohan spends additional time going through rehab and she still relapses. She was recently caught by police drunk and in possession of cocaine (Lindsay must have a cavity search fetish).

What does that say about where she received her treatment? Promises. Yeah, right. They promise to take your money and promise to go to Hawaii with it.

I would think that the judge presiding over Lohan's case will have to make an example out of Lindsay, because too many celebrities in Hollywood seem to think that they are immune to intoxication when they get behind the wheel.

How many innocent deaths or avoidable tragedies have to occur in order for the authorities to do their damn jobs? It shouldn't matter if they're celebrities. It's not like they do important work. Sure some perform at charities for a nominal fee, with the expectation of expensive complimentary swag, and then have their accountants tax deduct their time and expenses for it.

Soldiers overseas put their lives on the line each and every day, yet 999 out of a 1000 civilians would rather compliment and congratulate an actor than a war hero. "Ooo. It must take a lot of courage to memorize your lines and get paid a ridiculous amount of money for it." You're welcome to try and figure that one out.

The following pic is beckoning for me to caption it!

After being labeled a "Junkie", Lindsay is checking to see if the shoe fits.

Lindsay is milking herself for a new beverage called Freckle Juice.

"Dammit! My secret stash of cocaine is stuck inside my shoe."

For her stint in prison, Lindsay is practicing bending over while not dropping anything.

Lindsay is wondering if all the prison guards will look like Rosie O'Donnell.