Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did Olsen Drink a Case of Molson's?

"I'm going to make burnt donuts fashionable again."

In honor of the Pope's recent visit to America, Mary Kate Olsen arrived at a fund raising Jesus look-a-like contest that would benefit a couple of starving children in Ethiopia.

Sadly, Mary Kate did not place, despite wearing her "crown of thorns" made of crushed velvet.


Eagle vs Ferocious Goats

Watch this rare, riveting footage of a clever Golden Eagle teaching a young mountain goat about aeronautics. You'll also see this bird of prey generously give a fortunate few a crash course on the laws of gravity.

As the British say, it's absolutely smashing!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Content "Victim"

Rob Lowe’s ex-nanny strikes back
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Is it "normal" behavior to grin and smile during an interview regarding yourself being continually sexually harassed and abused by Rob Lowe? And is it still considered "abuse" if you enjoyed it? Didn't Paul Reubens once "abuse" himself in a pornographic movie theater years ago? I seriously doubt that Pee-Wee Herman cried after he gave himself a "happy ending".

Jessica Gibson has the extremely mellow composure of a chronically stoned pot smoker. Even the answers she gave to Meredith Vieira
seemed dope induced. I'm thinking Jessica needed the blackmail money to finance her own grow-op.