Thursday, March 29, 2007

Odd Blades of Glory Junkette

A ninja interviews Anchor Man and Napoleon Dynamite.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Stallone on the Set of John Rambo

This is Sly filming Rambo 4. Oddly enough, Sylvester is starting to look very much like someone else I've seen...

Oh yeah, I remember now! Jackie Stallone.

Based on the above picture, you'd never guess that Jackie Stallone was 85 years old.

Her bloated face doesn't look a day over 3 weeks dead. Kudos need to be given to her visually impaired plastic surgeons.


Anna Nicole Autopsy Results

"How do you spell my name again?"

It turns out that Anna Nicole Smith accidentally killed herself. Talk about whoopsy (pushing up) daisies!

The doctors found an abscess on her ass, that she was taking antibiotics for, which might have been caused by growth hormone needle injections. Anna was probably hoping that the steroids would make her brain grow bigger.

The following are the substances found in Smith's polluted body:

Shouldn't there be trace amounts of TrimSpa in there somewhere?

Instead of burying Smith, a charitable pharmaceutical company should have harvested the chemicals within her to make much needed medicines for developing countries. Sometimes recycling can be a good thing.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vivica A. Fox Is A Lush

Ms. "Fox" was charged with driving under the influence. It shouldn't be long before her plastic surgeon is too.

Based on the above picture, Vivica A. Fox probably got drunk because she was trying to give herself beer goggles, so that she could look into a mirror without startling herself.