Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrities Who Want Polanski Free

"I star in my next film, which is called Lolita 2: Old for Me."

In 1977, cinematic director and adulterer, Roman Polanski, whose pregnant wife was murdered by Charles Manson's psycho cult, drugged and raped an innocent little 13-year-old girl. Charged with unlawful intercourse with a minor, the ever romantic Roman Polanski underwent a psychiatric evaluation for 42 days in California's Chino State Prison. Instead of attending his court date, Polanski fled the United States before he could be properly sentenced. This led Polanski to being exiled from America and going on a 32 year Roman holiday in Europe, where he was still allowed to practice his craft of directing Hollywood movies.

Fast forward to September 26, 2009, Polanski was arrested at the Munich airport in Switzerland, where he was on his way to receive a lifetime achievement award. The American authorities were made aware of his travel plans and made arrangements for Polanski to be apprehended once his pedophilic pedal extremities made contact with Swiss soil.

Now some Hollywood big shots are coming out saying that Roman has suffered enough and does not deserve persecution for a crime that was committed decades ago.

And here are some of those celebrities that are likely to be sympathetic to Mr. Polanski's situation:

Priscilla Presley, Gerry Lee Lewis, Woody Allen, Rob Lowe, The Ghost of Charlie Chaplin, Gary Glitter, Osama Bin Laden, and last, but not least, R. Kelly.

Why does there seem to be more Hollywood support for the Polish born Roman Polanski than there ever was for the American born actor acquitted of murdering his girlfriend, Robert Blake?

"Let's give old Blake a break. Besides, I just crapped my pants."