Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's All Clear Now

Who would've thought that it would take a White female nerd singing about science to revitalize and revolutionize the genre of hip-hop?

23-year-old scientist, Kate McAlpine, even has the audacity to have a valid point and place a crucial message within her lyrics. For hip-hop "artists" this is completely unheard of. Through the annals of time, Kate will eventually be recognized as a vital musical trailblazer.

Although, I think her rapping persona needs a catchy name. Preferably something original, yet memorable. I've got it! M.C. Alpine. Sounds a whole lot better than "Diddy". I wouldn't have the heart to name my legless weasel "Diddy". The name Burrito is much more befitting.

"Oh my God! My legs!!! Sweet Jesus, I can't feel my legs!"