Thursday, November 01, 2007

Magical Battle

An effeminate, malnourished looking David Hasselhoff wannabe tried to take on Chriss Angel. Bad idea Jim Callahan. Chriss Angel told Callahan to his face (and on live television) that he thought his performance was "comical". Jimbo took offense and attempted to engage in a slap fight with Long Island New Yorker, Chriss Angel. It's a good thing that the host broke it up too, because having your ass handed back to you by someone named "Angel" would be humiliating, at the very least.

To tell the truth, I hated Jim Callahan's performance. It looked like Callahan was being passionately raped by the chair he was sitting on.


Ms.Pempengco Has The Voice of a Black Woman

I can see Mariah Carey punching little Charice in the throat in a fit of jealousy.