Friday, June 06, 2008


"To the Bat Cave!"

"The Bat Mobile is in the shop."

"Jealous, Lone Ranger?"

"Look what I traded Robin in for!"

Batman introduces the world to his new sidekick: Ellie Fantastic.

"WHEW! This thing farts like a sonofabitch."

"This baby gets over a 100 miles per gallon."

Batman is doing his part in decreasing his carbon footprint.

After 8 DUI charges, Batman is forced to commute by pachyderm.

Batman is desperate for someone to pimp his ride.

Taking some time out of his very busy schedule, Batman poses with Queen Latifah.


Chuck Norris Might Be Gay

Are Vernon Koekemoer and Hall of Fame hockey star, Doug Gilmour, one and the same? That would explain why Doug Gilmour kept kissing tough guy Don Cherry on the cheek before games.

"Chuck fondled my über toit arse."

Way to stay gay, hombre.

Chuck Norris Facts

Chuck Norris is so gay, he makes Michael Jackson and Clay Aiken look like Clint Eastwood.

Whenever entering a gay brothel, he immediately changes his name from Chuck Norris to Fuck Norris.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Big Buck Bunny is Funny

Move over Sponge Bob. Make sure to watch the very end of the credits. It will be worth your while.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Space Station CAPTIONED

The fan used to guide liquid waste in the zero gravity environment of the international space station's toilet broke down. The following are captions inspired by such a situation:

"Aw CRAP! Piss me off!"

COSMONAUT: “I’m tired of Tang. Anyone up for some lemonade?”

ASTRONAUT: “What brand? Country Style?”

COSMONAUT: “Uhm…’U-Brew’?”

This sounds like a job for...Ass-tro Plumber!

GROUND CONTROL: "You'll have to make like Howard Hughes for a while."

"You can either pass me the Drano or I'm going to, sure as hell, make it rain-o!"

"Who's in the mood for some liquid sunshine -er- I mean, Russian moonshine?"

"Until the toilet is fixed, we all have to wear these ultra absorbent Hubble Huggies."

Instead of being a crude, childish prank, urinating into coffee pots has now become a necessity.

"I'm going outside to drain the lizard...D'OH!"

NASA is currently consulting with Barry Bonds on how to create a makeshift Whizzinator.

It turns out that Lisa Nowak was way ahead of her time.

"Houston, we're all out of Sunny D. All that's left is smelly pee. Do you copy? Over."

The inhabitants of the space station were not amused when ground control chose the song "Chocolate Rain" for their wake up call.