Saturday, November 23, 2013


"Say ah haz bigger cahoonaz than Lance Armstrong. SAY IT!"

"Ah can haz bloe jawb?"

"Orange yoo glad too see mah banana?"

Sandusky the Cat requests a happy ending.

Uncomfortable kitty casting couch for TV show, Glee.

"Wen yur dun, yoo may eet da banana, Chaz Bono."

"Wut ah wownt dew fer cat nips."

"Ah sed yoo cood louk - not tuch - Neil Patrick Harris!"

"Unhand mah banana, Lance Bass."

"Be gentle Clay Aiken."

"Dis awlmowst maykss up fer being nootered."

"After yer finished, permishon too engage full thwusters, Captain Sulu." 

"Tank yoo fer gweessing meh up, Mr. Twavolta."

"Carefullz, Tom Cruise, yur neering dee Daynjer Zone."

"Nothing idle abowt yer handz, Ryan Seacrest."

Elton John covering the Michael Jackson song, Beat It.

The thankless job of a kitty porn fluffer.

A circle jerk courtesy of Anderson Cooper 360°.