Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Without question, this was Mike Rowe's most dirty job.

Very few envy the elephant proctologist.

Tragically, the vet asphyxiated during an unforeseen pachyderm fart.

You are witnessing the birth of The Elephant Man.

According to Maury Povich, the zoo keeper IS the baby's daddy.

Apou reaches in to select the winning lotto ticket.

Clay Aiken making the most of his visit to the San Diego Zoo.



"Move it, Jack Ass!"

This gives a whole new meaning to "hoofing it".

Surprisingly, Donkey showed next to no emotion when the soldiers proceeded to gun down Shrek.

There will come a time where jackasses shall, once again, rule over man.

"If I'm dropped, so help me, I'll donkey-punch you so hard..."

John McCain rescuing a Democrat P.O.W.

The newest weapon against the Taliban: An AIDS infected donkey.


Happy Cat

Some may find this picture adorable, but I find this cat's expression creepy beyond belief.

Just look at the dilated pupils on that feline. It's as if someone replaced its catnip with marijuana.

No wonder kitty's got the munchies.