Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick Hogan is a Loser

"Due to my stint in the pokey, my buttocks are extremely sensitive."

Nick Hogan, son of wrestling legend Hulk, somehow got his hands on $50,000 and invested it in a record company that never got off the ground. To top things off, his business partners used his American Express credit card to rack up over $80,000 worth of additional charges.

To recover his massive losses, he's now suing his former associates for $130,000.

What kind of fools give an 18-year-old boy so much money that's not meant for his education? Probably the same moronic parents (are they 1st cousins?) who gave Nick a several hundred horse powered sports car to crash and cause his former best friend to become an invalid (no, seriously, are his parents brother and sister?). It's almost unbelievable on how much someone fresh out of high school is able to quickly eff up his life so much.

If I was the judge presiding over his case, I'd say, "Deal with it Nick "Sulk" Hogan, you silly Nick-Uhm-Poop!"


Alice in Wonderland

An anemic Carrot Top.

This Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter gives me the creeps.

I'm not coulrophobic, but the above photo reminds me too much of Elijah Wood dressed as a clown.