Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've Seen Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Someone could photo shop a dildo into his closed fist.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is about a young man who has to beat up past flames in order to date a girl he's infatuated with. Imagine if Lindsay Lohan had came up with that stipulation for me to date her? I'd be like, "Ha-ha-ha! Whatever. Just shut up and finish your nose candy." It stars Michael Cera.

This film is directed by the man behind the movies Hot Fuzz and Shawn of the Dead. So it has comically exaggerated action and mild humor. Throughout this feature there are visual video game references, so I seriously doubt that this cinematic experience will appeal to the elderly.

This movie bombed in North America, but I'm sure Japanese audiences will eat up Scott Pilgrim vs. the World faster than Godzilla's regurgitated sushi. This flick is definitely worth renting when it comes out on DVD.