Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kim Stewart: Supermodel

Rod Stewart's daughter was the unfortunate recipient of the dominant genes responsible for homeliness.

I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it's normal for half of your torso to consist of hips.

I've seen a bucket full of golf balls with less dimples than Kim's doughy derriere.



"First show us the money then we'll perform a 3-way on camera."

Superbad sure didn't live up to its name because it was super funny! The best way I can describe Superbad is that it's a pleasant combination between American pie and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

Hill's character reminded me a lot of Cartman from South Park. Michael Cera's role resembled that of Stan and "McLovin" could've been either Kyle or Kenny.

The entire ensemble was wonderfully cast, with the exception of Bill Hader, who played the senior officer in the film. I think they should have went with a tough looking individual like ex-NFL player, Terry Crews. Crews can bring convincing extremes of emotion to any character he's given. He could deliver a macho persona one minute and bawl his eyes out like a little girl the next.

Former Bootleggers will also enjoy this movie, since the plot involves underage teens going to extremes to obtain alcohol.


Dance Like James Brown

My Grandpa once showed me how to dance the Mashed Potato, but in the end he just succeeded in mashing up his hip joint.

Now Grandpa's idea of grooving is doing the Pee-Pee dance when he can't control his funky bladder.