Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Look-A-Likes 2

Michael Dunn: "I've done nothing wrong."
Tardar Sauce: "I'd have blown up the entire gas station."

One of the above murdered an unarmed African American teenager, and the other is a product of inbreeding gone terribly awry.

Mickey Rooney

Cabbage Patch Kid

One of the above is a legendary Hollywood actor and the other is an ugly foam filled fire hazard.

Tyler "Don't Call Me Katie" Perry

Elmo has since charged Kevin Clash with indecent touching.

One of the above makes a living dressing in drag within his own films, while the other is good at putting his hands up orifices.

  James Spader: "Back in the day, I could have turned George Clooney gay."

 Stewie Griffin: "Thinking of Brian being neutered gives me a 'Milk Bone' ."  

One of the above is an actor that has physically, over the years, completely changed, and the other has a diaper that is overdue for a change.