Monday, January 26, 2009

Nancy Reagan CAPTIONED!

For Christmas Nancy asked for a durable Negro, and Santa delivered.

Mr. T is wary of Mrs. Reagan trying to steal his jewelery.

Nancy whispers her room number into Mr. T's ear.

Mr. T is unsure of how to react to Nancy Reagan's unbridled advances.

Mr. T ponders on how much he could pimp out Mrs. Reagan for.

Mr. T notices that secret service agents are slowly reaching for their guns.

Nancy Reagan's boney ass is killing Mr. T's knee.

Nancy shows her appreciation for receiving a Mr. T vibrator.

Mr. T is confused as to why he is suddenly getting an erection.

"I said give me head, not kiss my head, FOO!"

Nancy orders The A-Team to massage her body with Aspercreme.

When asked if he found Nancy Reagan to be sexy, Mr. T just said, "No."