Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cindy "Sin City" Crawford

Cindy Crawford taking first prize at an "Act Like Britney Spears" contest.

"Guys, I have years of catwalk experience, so I'm pretty sure I can stumble my way into a cab."

Now Cindy Crawford knows how Paula Abdul feels like all the time.

"Where the kisses are his, his, and hers, Three's company too!"

Cindy Crawford is conducting research for her upcoming role as Anna Nicole Smith.

"Kids? You seriously expect me to believe that I'm a mother of two???"

Cindy Crawford willingly agreed to walk a mile in Lindsay Lohan's shoes.


The Stylish Lauren Hill

Former Fugees member, Lauren Hill, is seen here performing so that others can caption her choice of outfit.

This is Lauren Hill covering Smokey Robinson's song Tears of a Clown.

This is what could've been the result had Ronald McDonald been born in the Ghetto.

Fiddy Cent just came out of the closet.

This outfit was inspired by the movie CaddyShack.

Michael Jackson is trying his hand at being Black again.

Lauren Hill is crying because her mom dresses her funny.

Apparently, there's nothing Gary Coleman won't do for money.


The Brilliance of Dick Cheney

In 1994, Mr. Cheney made an extremely accurate prediction of what would happen if America were to occupy Iraq after victory in the Gulf War.

This footage of Dick Cheney makes Sylvia Browne look like gypsy scam artist.

Sadly, that analogy is not an exaggeration.

"I predict that you will inhale and exhale sometime in the very near future."


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've Seen RUSH HOUR 3

"Sit down or I'll shove my cold, black finger up yo ass!"

I can honestly say that Rush Hour 3 is easily the worst of the trilogy.

Jackie Chan held up his end of the action, but the writers couldn't make his lines funny. It was as if they hired Jay Leno "comedy" writers for the pathetic attempt at script rewrites.

What has Chris Tucker been doing with himself for the past 6 years? He gained weight and ate his funny is what.

Owen Wilson had better chemistry with Chan in the Shanghai movies than did Tucker in Rush Hour 3.

The movie wasn't horrible, but it left you thinking that you were glad you didn't pay full price to see this comedic farce.

If you want my advice, there's no need to rush out and watch Rush Hour 3.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Most Grateful Girl in the World

What was this inconsiderate father thinking??? He single handedly ruined his beloved daughter's birthday. Now her childhood will forever be marred by this irreparable moment.

Personally, I would've been most appreciative for a pimped up Pinto for any one of my birthdays, but this girl refuses to drive a brand new convertible car because it is red in color.

I applaud the brother for posting this video onto the Internet. His sister's extremely shallow attitude makes me feel better about myself...and I'm admittedly evil. >8)