Saturday, December 29, 2007

Captivating CAPTIONING!

How Little Orphan Annie became known as "Little Oral Annie".

The exact moment Dakota Fanning got her big break in Hollywood.

"Take it all, Monkey Bitch!"

Once all the bananas were finished, Orphan Annie was then introduced to another girl...and a cup.

Ron Weasley greets Hermione Granger on the set of Harry Potter, and would later use "magic" of his own to make a different kind of banana disappear.

Elijah Wood passing his Hobbit screen test with flying colors.


This Freak Shall be CAPTIONED!

This is what happens when the Phantom of the Opera drinks Beefeater.

Britney Spears blames Beefeater liquor for making her bald, flat chested, pudgy, and undeniably talentless.

Bruce Willis is a die hard fan of boozing it up with Beefeater.

“By drinking 2 bottles of Beefeater every morning you, too, can become a total beefcake like me!”

Beefeater + U.S. Vice President Dick Chaney = PARTY ANIMAL!!!

Mr. Clean turned his nose up at his own product and now uses Beefeater to clean his toilet.