Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Seen RED BELT

"A ginger is always in constant danger."

It's about a Jujitsu instructor who is barely scraping by financially, and is forced to enter a mixed martial arts tournament to pay off his debts. The actor who portrayed the lead character of Mike Terry did it wonderfully.

I went in thinking it was going to be an action movie, but it's much more dramatic than I imagined it would be. There was a profound moral to the story that I took away from watching this movie. And that message was: There should be no price for compromising your integrity. Even though I liked this film, I don't think it will be the majority of the audience's cup of tea. Although, I do believe this flick would be worth taking a chance on during a two-for-one rental special at your video store.


Monday, May 12, 2008

I've Seen IRON MAN

"Oh, no. Major methane leak. Activate flatulence fans!"

What do you get when you mix Robo Cop with Transformers? You get Iron Man. Iron Man came to be when the billionaire inventor, Tony Stark, was kidnapped by Afghani rebels and had to utilize his ingenuity to build a suit of armor from scratch to facilitate his escape.

It was exhilarating watching the Iron Man suit in action, whether it was flying at super sonic speeds or blowing things up.

It's hard to believe that a few mere years ago Robert Downey Jr. was a junkie breaking into people's houses. Today he pulls off the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man rather handily. Gweneth Paltrow was also quite good as Stark's loyal assistant, Pepper Potts.

There are no underlying lessons to be learned in this movie, other than when you become a billionaire be sure to install a stripper pole in your private jet. Iron Man is a flick definitely worth paying full price at the theater for and buying the DVD when it becomes available.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Walters vs Jones

Barbara Walters wrote a book that recounts the problems she experienced with her former morbidly obese co-host, Star Jones.

Walters said, "She could barely walk onto the set. You could hear her breathing."

Star Jones has since had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight, despite lying to the world by claiming that she naturally exercised, dieted, and willed her brain to not pull a chair right up to buffet tables.

I'm told that Star Jones still breathes heavily whenever she's turned on by seeing a Twinkie out of its wrapper.