Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've Seen RUSH HOUR 3

"Sit down or I'll shove my cold, black finger up yo ass!"

I can honestly say that Rush Hour 3 is easily the worst of the trilogy.

Jackie Chan held up his end of the action, but the writers couldn't make his lines funny. It was as if they hired Jay Leno "comedy" writers for the pathetic attempt at script rewrites.

What has Chris Tucker been doing with himself for the past 6 years? He gained weight and ate his funny is what.

Owen Wilson had better chemistry with Chan in the Shanghai movies than did Tucker in Rush Hour 3.

The movie wasn't horrible, but it left you thinking that you were glad you didn't pay full price to see this comedic farce.

If you want my advice, there's no need to rush out and watch Rush Hour 3.



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