Friday, January 05, 2007

Lampley Boxes Girl Friend After Dark

HBO's boxing commentator, Jim Lampley, has been arrested for violating his restraining order and trying to encourage a sighted witness to spontaneously become blind.
Candy Saunders, Miss California 2003, recently filed a restraining order against Lampley. It just so happens as the police were conducting a follow up interview with Ms. Saunders, Lampley unexpectantly showed up at her premises - violating the enacted restraining order. Jim was then arrested on the spot.
According to Candy, Jim roughed her up on New Year's Eve, like a Keith Urban would to a pinata full of cocaine. She claims Lampley did so after becoming extremely inebriated by consuming marijuana and more than his fair share of rice wine . She also accused Mr. Lampley of throwing her to the ground of a Los Angles restaurant yelling, "Good bitches eat on the floor!" Okay, I made that last part up, but if it's true then I'm guilty of flukey and tasteless reporting. In such a case, The Enquirer could not help but be extremely impressed.


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