Sunday, December 31, 2006

How's It Hanging, Saddam?

Supposedly, Saddam Hussein was defiant to the end.

But what if Mr.Hussein had been granted one last wish regarding his means of execution? How might it have been carried out?

Myself not knowing Saddam all that well, he probably would've requested that his hanging be postponed until December, 31, at 11:59pm, and that it be conducted in New York City, in Times Square.

Instead of the Times Square Ball descending, it would slowly rise to the top of the flag pole, or in this particular case a gallows pole. That's right. Saddam's noose would be tied to the symbolic New Year's Eve Ball and ascend to the top, pulling him along for the short inhumane ride for all to bear witness.

Now that's one New Year's event everybody would remember, but would rather soon forget.

It's not like it's any more sadistic than the cruelty Mr. "Insane in the Membrane" Hussein has ordered upon his very own people and his immediate neighboring countries.


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