Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is Mike Tyson Down for the Count?

Mike Tyson was recently arrested for impaired driving when he almost hit a parked police car outside the nightclub he had just left. The cop found cocaine both on Tyson and in his vehicle - a run down 1994 Geo Tracker.

Mike used to be on top of the world. He became the youngest Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. He was making $20 million per fight, plus a percentage of the pay-per-view box office. His career earnings are said to have been an estimated quarter of a billion American dollars.

At 40, Mike Tyson no longer fights boxers in the ring. He now concentrates his time trying to fight off personal bankruptcy. It's sad to reflect at how far this self admitted coke addict has fallen. It's almost as if Tyson hates who he is and now lacks the enthusiasm to look in the mirror at the shell of a man he has eventually become.

These days, Mike Tyson is quite used to having his mug shot taken, and now seems very comfortable around a camera.

That wasn't the case when Tyson served his initial stint in jail.
You could actually detect the fear, for the first time ever, in his expression.

It looked a lot like this:



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