Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Knights of Prosperity

Airs Wednesday nights on ABC.
This is a show about a group of people who are tired being all round average working stiffs and want something more out of the current life they lead. The try to accomplish this by creating an exclusive club called The Knights of Prosperity. The first item on their agenda is to rob Mick Jagger's New York Appartment.
They arrive at this absurd idea when Donal Logue's character watches an MTV Cribs type of program showcasing Jagger's opulent appartment. To my surprise, Mick Jagger was actually in the pilot episode going over the top in regards to the luxuries he has at his disposal. He shows off his room that is exclusively only for his many different stage hats. Then Mick talks about his indoor swimming pool that he never uses because he "doesn't enjoy getting wet". Instead, he's shown casually tossing tennis balls into the luxurious pool, so his 4 dogs swimming in it have something to play with.

These guys are like the X-Men, except they don't possess any mutant genes. Well, that isn't entirely true because Sophia Vergara is in it, and she's extraordinarily beautiful.

As good as this picture is, it isn't even one of her better ones.

Check these out:

This is one of her best pics. Just thinking about this photo makes my loins stir. Oops. Once again, too much information.
And finally, here's Sophia posing with Academy Award winner, Robin Williams.



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