Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dubai is Growing Like a Malignant Tumor

Say hello to Dubai. This is what Dubai looked like a mere 16 years ago.

Below is what the same area looks like today. Hold on. Another skyscraper just went up. That picture is already out dated.

What makes this city in the Middle East grow so fast? You'd think it was revenues generated by oil, but that only makes up for 6% of Dubai's gross national product. Dubai is essentially a port that transports or stores that part of the world's goods.

Which is a good thing because Dubai will be lucky if it has enough oil to last them another 15 years. So, the leaders of that region have heavily invested in Dubai's future, which they hope will be tourism and more business establishments.

It is said that up to a ΒΌ of all the cranes in the world are currently being utilized in Dubai.

Dubai has the biggest developed waterfront in our entire Solar System...and it's still growing.

This is Palm Island. It supposedly can be seen from space. This isn't even the biggest of the 3 man made islands currently being constructed.

This is the biggest. It's called the World Islands. It consists of 300 islands that each cost around $30 million to make.

This is Hydropolis. The first ever underwater hotel.

Ever hear of a five star hotel? Well, this one is the only one rated with SEVEN star accommodations. It is also currently the tallest hotel in the world.

When completed, THIS will be the tallest hotel in the world.

This building is called the Burj Dubai. When completed, it will be over 2,600 feet tall. That is 40% higher than the current tallest title holder, Taipei 101.

The Al Burj building is expected to be even taller than the Burj Dubai. The exact prospected heights are kept top secret because the builders of both buildings hope to create the taller structure.

In 2008, you can shop until you drop while browsing this mall's 1000 stores.

Ever hear of Disney Land? Well this is Dubai Land. It's 6 billion square feet of amusement facilities (no, not whore houses) .

This is their sport stadium complex. It will be located within Dubai Land.

Ever want to snowboard in the middle of a dessert? Well now you can year round in the world's biggest indoor ski facility.

As well as an airport, Dubai will also have a spaceport for which space shuttle tours can land.


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