Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Orlando Bloom

Yet another celebrity photo that is begging for captioning:

It seems the bald guy with the pink shirt (in the background) is digging Orlando's look - a lot.

Orlando's lip hair makes him look like a blooming queer.

Because of Orlando, the Schneider "look" from the 70's TV show,
One Day at a Time, refuses to die.

Bloom is showing off the result of years of testosterone therapy

"Can Daniel Radcliffe grow a mean mustache like mine? I seriously doubt it."

"If you think my mustache looks cool, you should see my mom's!"

"Those hair plugs for my upper lip was the best $9,000 I've ever spent!"

"Don't call me Orlando. From now on, refer to me as...Fernando!"

"For the last time, I'm
NOT Harry Potter's dad."

Bloom grew the mustache for his next role: A sleazy man who lures under aged boys to his home through Pokemon internet chat rooms.

When Orlando gets nervous, he sticks his hands under his armpits, and then he smells them - like this!



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