Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Slyvia Browne is for REAL

Sylvia's dead on predictions concerning the fate of the 13 trapped Sago minors.

"I knew they were alive."

Mere minutes later...

"I just don't think that they are alive."

"I hate people who say something after the fact." - Sylvia Browne

Hey! Sylvia and I now have something in common!

This evil bitch has the audacity to start a money collecting cult loosely based on Christianity. Hmm, I am unable to recollect a single Bible story that has Jesus taking hard earned money from his followers. Yet prominent religious leaders, who claim to be of the "Christian faith", are always asking their audience for hand outs. Jesus helped people out of the goodness of his heart for free - Sylvia Browne charges a significant monetary sum for lying to grieving Americans.

Is Sylvia Browne really the Devil? She does have a face only a demon with cataracts could love.

I have a prediction for Sylvia Browne: She will die of health complications derived from smoke.

That could also include the smoke she continually blows up idiots' asses. Take care my fraudulent, opportunistic friend.



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