Monday, July 16, 2007

I've Seen Transformers

"It's true. I'm the illegitimate son of Darth Vader."

I haven't seen a whole lot of movies so far this year, but I can strongly recommend Transformers .

The special effects of the robots transforming was nothing short of spectacular!

Shiloh LeBeouf plays a smart-alec teen whose first car happens to be a Transformer, named Bumblebee, who's responsible for protecting the boy from the evil Deceptacons.

Megan Fox played the love interest for Shia. That pretty much sums up her role in the film, since the only semi-significant thing Fox did in the movie was to drive a tow truck backwards for a couple of city blocks. That's it. And come to think of it, I don't remember the truck even making that typical high pitched beeping noise as it reversed through the streets.

"My name is Megan Fox, and I'm addicted to bronzer."

From what I have seen of Megan, she's no Merryl Streep when it comes to the art of acting. I'm thinking that if the superficial producers of Hollywood hadn't come calling, she'd have fallen on her backup plan - porn - and have given Jenna Jameson a serious run for her worn out dildo.

All in all, this was Michael Bay's (a former Playboy/music video director) best attempt at making a movie to date. But hopefully this doesn't instill enough confidence in Bay to make him green light Armageddon 2: Affleck with Avian Flu.



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