Monday, July 16, 2007

I've Seen Shrek 3

It should have been titled as Shrek the Turd.

One was good, the sequel was even better, and the third was more disappointing than Lindsay Lohan's sobriety test.

Shrek the Third shamelessly recycled jokes from the previous installments and introduced new characters that were just plain uninteresting.

I can't recommend anyone paying full price to see a movie that should have gone straight to video. Instead, wait for the DVD special edition release. It has a deleted scene of the Ogres having sweet, tender anal sex, when, seemingly out of nowhere, Eddie Murphy's character unexpectedly shows up to deliver a devastating donkey punch to the back of Princess Fiona's head. It might be hidden as a DVD "Easter Egg", so be sure to watch out for it.

Nonetheless, kids with low intelligence quotients (Britney Spears' children) should still find this lack luster film amusing.



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