Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eddie Murphy

The following picture is BEGGING to be captioned. So here we go!

Once again, Eddie Murphy becomes victimized by The Man.

Asked as to why the clown shot Eddie Murphy dead, the pasty-faced freak remorselessly replied to police that it was for making the movie Pluto Nash.

Out of all White Folk, clowns frighten Eddie Murphy the most.

Eddie Murphy is always on edge whenever the Ku Klux Clown is around.

EDDIE: "I hope that's your finger and that you're not just happy to see me!"

Eddie is fed up with people trying to pick his pockets clean.

This clown's innocent, friendly gesture caused Murphy to soil his white suit.

Eddie Murphy does his best to ignore his old car pool buddy, Fellatio the Clown.

CLOWN: "Kitchy-coo!"



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