Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've Seen NEXT

Next is a movie about a man, Nicolas Cage, who can see two minutes into his own future. The FBI want his clairvoyant abilities to help them find a nuclear bomb that is expected to go off somewhere in California.

Nick finds out that, for some unknown reason, he can see further than a mere two minutes into the future through Jessica Biel's character.

I liked it! It's definitely worth renting. The premise for the plot is quite intriguing.

My only problem with the movie was it's cheap, campy looking special effects. It was visibly obvious whenever special effects were used in a scene. In my view, I shouldn't be able to notice when CGI is coming into play in an action sequence. Otherwise it was well acted and entertaining.

Bruce Willis would have also been a very nice choice to play Cage's character. Then perhaps producers would have had enough money left over to buy quality special effects.



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