Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dr. Phil Suffers a Lapse in Judgement

Dr.Phil goes through the trouble of calling up the promoter of Bum Fights (a DVD showcasing vagabonds throwing down), booking him a five star hotel room, and buying him a first class airfare ticket to arrive at his show's studio...just so he could tell him that he doesn't like what he's about and then send him on his way.

Want some advice, Doc? Next time, pick up a device called a telephone and cancel your appointment. It's not like you've never ever had numerous clients give you the same courtesy.

Personally, I think Philly Cheese Steak McGraw just felt threatened that his wife, sitting in the audience, would find the skinny Dr. Phill more sexually appealing. I believe Keith Richards attached to an intravenous bag is more arousing than Phil. Should I go there? Oh, hella yeah: At this very second, Peter Boyle, from Everybody Loves Raymond, is sexier than "Doctor" Phil. I'd also be willing to bet that Robin McGraw's dusty old vagina probably got more than a bit moist at viewing those strapping, sex starved hobos frolicking in the ghetto.



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