Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Happened to Nikki Cox?

This is Nikki Cox. She used to be on a lame TV show called Las Vegas...and was somewhat attractive.

Below is what she looks like today.

"Eat your diabetic heart out, Mary Tyler Moore."

Cosmetic surgeons can be very cruel people. They arrange for pretty ladies to arrive at their offices for "evaluations" and do their best to convince the potential patients that they can do a far better job on physical improvements than genetics or any God ever could. On top of that, they're paid thousands of dollars by their clients to make them look ridiculously abnormal. As far as job performance goes, cosmetic surgeons rank below meteorologists, who are paid despite frequently incorrectly predicting the weather.

"These chimp lips give me a constant craving for bananas."

Did Nikki Cox specifically request for her doctor to give her grouper fish lips? If so, then mission accomplished!

This is a Julia Roberts grouper feeding on the bottom of the ocean.



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