Friday, May 23, 2008

Nick Hogan Has Suffered Enough

"Prisons have PlayStations, right?"

The son of infamous wrestler Hulk Hogan, Nick Bollea, is serving 8 months in jail for reckless driving while intoxicated and causing serious bodily harm to his passenger. The 22-year-old injured passenger, John Graziano, was a marine who had just finished a tour of duty in Iraq. Apparently, Mr. Graziano is hard to kill...almost like Steven Segal.

Click the link to listen to Nick Bollea bawl to his mommy on how rough prison life is on him: WHAAA!

It would seem that Nick believes that permanently ruining someone else's life is not worth briefly inconveniencing his own. To that, Bollea's fellow inmates would say, "Suck it all up, Buttercup!"

Here's to hoping that Hulk Hogan fails to deliver Nick's anal chastity belt on time.



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