Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sean Stewart

Sean is the irresponsible son of 70's rocker, Rod Stewart. It would seem that he enjoys exposing himself. Perhaps he deserves to be the brunt of some captioning? Yes. Yes he does.

SEAN: "Damn, I forgot my wallet. Exposing my teats should more than cover the bill. Keep the change."

SEAN: "Check it out. My 'bro' can't contain my muscular, manly mams."

SEAN: "Anyone up for a suckle?"

SEAN: "GAYS GONE WILD! Now gimme my t-shirt."

William Shatner revels in all the splendor that is Sean Stewart.

SEAN: "They are NOT fake! I dare you to touch my dude boobs and see for yourself."

SEAN: "You have a stain on your suit? Here, I'll just clean it out on my washboard abs."

SEAN: "You want me to sacrifice my dignity for a record contract? I hope you're happy! *sobs*"

SEAN: "You like what you see? For an additional $5 there's plenty more where that came from."

SEAN: "And for dessert, you can all feast your eyes upon these puppies."

SEAN: "From now on, don't call me Sean, cuz I'm randy, Baby. Yeah!"



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