Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Courtney Love = SEXY

" C'mon, give mama Love a kiss! "

Courtney Love ( alleged murderer of her husband, the talented Mr. Kurt Cobain) forgot to put on her lipstick. She claims that her messed up mouth is the result of plastic surgery gone terribly awry.

I personally suspect it's because she forgot to take her herpes medication.

Love then tried to disguise her scabs by caking on half a tube of lipstick. She only made matters worse because she then started to look a lot like Goldie Hawn.

Goldie Hawn praying for rain so that she can drown her sorry self.

I'm still not sure what I'll dress up as for Halloween, but this picture of Goldie made me think of a zombie. I was going to go as Courtney Love or Michael Jackson, but I really have no desire to emotionally traumatize children. Terrorize them, yes. Traumatize them, no.



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