Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Juice No Longer Loose

O.J. Simpson was arrested for using a firearm to illegally confiscate his own sports memorabilia.

This charge could carry a lengthy jail sentence if convicted.

If I were to play Devil's Advocate ( aka- a defense lawyer ) I would blame Mr. Simpson's aggression on all the concussions he received during his football career. I wouldn't hesitate to use the Chris Benoit circumstances as Exhibit 'A' to help prove my ground breaking case either.

Simpson would, once again, walk away a free man...but I wouldn't be done with him yet.

I'd then, as O.J.'s imaginary attorney, proceed in bringing up a multi billion dollar Class Action suit against the National Football League for all former NFL players' pain and suffering that have been derived from participating in this physically debilitating profession.



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