Thursday, August 02, 2007

Star Jones Comes Clean

Shortly before Star Jones was fired from the boring morning show, The View, she went from looking like the Kingpin in drag (above) to...


It was as if Star Jones had contracted Nicole Richie Disease.

But Jones was aloof as to how she specifically managed to lose her excess cellulite and practically denied that she underwent gastric bypass surgery.

Now, to the lack of everyone's surprise, Star has admitted that doctors stapled smaller one of her bovine-like stomachs.

"Yet talking about my weight loss finally gave me the control I'd hungered for."

Based on the above photo, I don't think it was "control" Star was really hungering for.

Why did Star wait so long to relay to the public the obvious?

That's almost like Michael Jackson taking 2 years to admit that he's really a white man. Wait...maybe he's....or is he...?

I might have just confused myself... again. >XP



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