Friday, January 15, 2010

Jimmy MASSIVELY Burns Jay

This video made Jay Leno look bad in more ways than one. Jimmy Kimmel just verbally owned Jay with his witty retorts and Jay had nothing of relevance to fire back with. If David Letterman was in Leno's place, I can't help but think that he surely could, at the very least, keep up with Kimmel. Needless to say, this segment of Jay Leno's talk show backfired on him more than a used Ford Pinto.

Jimmy Kimmel probably roasted Jay Leno because he is concerned that the ABC network might try to entice Conan O'Brien to take over his time slot. I don't like Jimmy Kimmel Live because he relies on exploiting annoying family members, difficult to understand recent immigrants, and uninteresting employees with lackluster comedic results. Kimmel is qualified and deserves his own show, but he desperately needs to hire effective sketch writers. Although, I did find Jimmy Kimmel's impersonation of Jay Leno much more entertaining than Jay Leno himself.

Imagine if Johnny Carson was still alive and was disrespected like that? I can't because it would never happen.


This is Jimmy Kimmel's take on Jay Leno's interview where he whines to Oprah Winfrey in an effort to alleviate the public viewing audience's negative perception of him.

When asked if Jay knew that NBC was going to shake up the late night schedule, he said:

LENO: "Never saw this coming. Totally came out of the blue."

Just like Jimmy Kimmel's brilliant responses to Jay Leno's stupid questions.



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