Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Right after Raizo murdered Po the Kung Fu Panda.

Ninja Assassin is about ninjas getting paid to kill those designated by others to die. Raizo, a ninja with a conscious, escapes the clutches of his prominent clan to dedicate his time in foiling its various lucrative assassination for hire contract hits. An acceptable alternative title for this movie could have also been Going Rogue. It stars a dude named Rain and the Voodoo priestess from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Rain may look like a Korean Calvin Klein underwear model, but he grew up in poverty when his dad's business failed and then bailed on his family to flee to Brazil. Rain got his start in show business as a back up dancer (sort of like Kevin Federline). He later ventured out on his own and became a successful Asian recording artist (unlike Kevin Federline).

All in all, Ninja Assassin was an extremely violent, yet entertaining, ballet of death. Although, there were instances where the special effects looked very unconvincing and the exaggerated abilities of the ninjas could have been depicted much better. Despite those small critiques, it's still probably the best ninja movie Hollywood has ever produced, if you don't count Mortal Combat. Ninja Assassin is a must rent for fans of martial arts films who prefer not to witness the awkwardly unnatural use of the wire and harness when it comes to aerial action sequences.



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