Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cookie Monster CAPTIONED!

The Cookie Gangster.

Being a postal worker has taken its toll on the Cookie Monster.

The Cookie Monster has recently become a popcorn butter junkie.

Gang kids are told to pay their debts or the Cookie Monster will put a cap in their ass.

"OH MY GOD! This messed up Muppet means business!"

Cookie Monster is not taking his diabetes diagnoses very well.

"No more "Cookie Monster". Me now Crook-e Monster!"

It's best not to run out of Oreos when the Cookie Monster comes to visit.

PBS now stands for: Point Blank Shot.

Just before killing his victims, Cookie reveals he's the one who shot 50 Cent.

Instead of real bullets, Cookie Monster's gun fires chocolate chips.

Cookie completing his gang initiation to obtain his Sesame Street cred.



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