Saturday, June 06, 2009


The middle dude looks like the father of McLovin.

The Hangover is about a group of friends that go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. They spend the next couple of days trying to piece together what happened to them the previous night because none of them can remember. I've never heard of any of the main stars, but the supporting cast consists of Mike Tyson and Heather Graham (Roller Girl from Boogie Nights), who plays a stripper that prostitutes on the side.

I found this film to be slightly funnier than I Love You, Man mainly because of the baby abuse humor. Zach Galifianakis was a standout in the film playing the slightly brain damaged brother-in-law to the groom, who has an aversion to wearing pants. Talented character actor Ken Jeong also made a visually traumatic impression as Mr. Chow. Oddly enough, the voice of Mr. Chow sounded just like Trey Parker's impression of Kim Jong Il from Team America: World Police.

This movie raises the bar as to what we should aspire to when it comes to throwing a bachelor party. We should all be so lucky. The Hangover is worth paying full price for at the theater. Probably worth buying the DVD for too, if they have the director's cut version and X-rated deleted scenes included.



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