Monday, December 08, 2008


"Will you be my love doll, Raggedy Ann?"

Transporter 3 is about an expert driver who is forced to deliver a package against his better judgment. To ensure that he complies with the customer's needs, Jason Statham is fixed with an exploding bracelet that will detonate if he ventures too far away from his beloved car.

This film was better than the second Transporter, but not quite superior to the first one. The Russian girl, Valentina, seemed to be a cooler character when she was quiet and despondent. Things changed for the worse when she popped some happy pills and became extremely promiscuous. I would have had Valentina continue to be laconic and made Statham's character continually try to wear her down with his impotent English charm.

I saw this flick on Two Dollar Tuesday, so I feel that it was money well spent. There were more than a few continuity flaws and outrageously over the top action, but you come to expect that from the Transporter series. I recommend waiting for it to arrive at your local video store, for it's a ride well worth renting.



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