Sunday, December 07, 2008


Sleeping is now an elective course offered at Oxford University.

At $40,000/yr., teaching is literally a dream job.

Ghetto teacher, Mr. Knapp, woke up to find his wallet and car keys missing.

For culinary class, hungry Ethiopian students stuffed the teacher's apple into Mr. Knapp's mouth and proceeded to barbecue him.

Mr. Knapp's cruel students laced his coffee with a potent concoction of date rape drugs.

After hearing that Britney Spears might return to school, Mr. Knapp promptly drank some Jones Town flavored Kool-Aid.

Taking advantage of his unconscious state, students took turns peeing into Mr. Knapp's mouth.

Dreaming about retirement...and accompanying female students in the shower after gym class.

Unhappy with their grades, Mr. Knapp's students strangled him with his own Kmart purchased tie.

Frustrated at being unable to teach students of Nimrod, Minnesota on how to spell their own city, Mr. Knapp fatally shot himself.



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