Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hillary Clinton CAPTIONED

"Heads up secret service. I don't like the way this little girl is looking at me."

"As the 'second' Black President of the United States of America, I will..."

"I vividly recall the time I advised the great Martin Luther King to wear a helmet."

"You ain't no Barak Obama, 'sista friend'."

"You think empty promises are hilarious, Hillary? You see me laughing?"

"Universal health care? Bitch, please."

"Call me 'girlfriend' again, an I'll wipe dat fake smile off yo pasty face wit da back o' my hand."

"Mrs. C., remember that $5 check you gave me to sit beside you? It bounced."

"Mrs. Clinton, your husband, Bill, is staring at my nonexistent breasts again."



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