Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Keanu feeling threatened by the acting ability of a cardboard prop.

Street Kings is a movie about Keanu Reeves' character, a successful dirty cop, whose estranged former partner brutally dies right before his eyes. This incident suddenly awakens the part of Keanu's brain responsible for ethics. Having a morality epiphany forces Keanu's character to take down the co-working comrades that have supposedly been looking out for his best interests.

This film is decent. It won't make you imitate Neo, from The Matrix, and compel you say, "Whoa." Although, it's definitely worth seeing for half price on Cheap Tuesdays. I compare it to being not as good as Denzel Washington's Training Day, but almost.

This flick would have also worked as a comedy. Just have it star Will Farrell, Harvey Keitel, and Jason Segel and rename it Streakings.



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