Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This Redneck Shall be CAPTIONED!

Michael Bolton has become embittered from the world's rejection of his "body of work".

An Iraqi insurgent holding his penis hostage.

Before he became famous, Danny DeVito may have had some photos taken of himself that he is no longer proud of.

An unkempt Jason Alexander is fully prepared for any anti-semitic remark Michael Richards might make.

Gallagher's next magic trick: Making his package disappear.

This dirty dude proudly flaunts the fermunda cheese he has accumulated around his crotch.

Jaime's got a gun...and is about to shoot his load.

The impotent porn star, Rambone, tries his best to scare his junk into performing.

An angry man threatens to blow his groin away unless the cops bring him more urban porn magazines.



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