Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dallas Stars hockey star, Mike Modano, in drag.

The movie should have starred the dude pictured above, Russell Brand, because he was the only one with consistently funny lines. In Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the lead character, Jason Segel's, idea of humor was lots of scenes involving full frontal male nudity. To add to the discomfort of being forced to endure male genitalia jiggling upon the big screen, my row consisted primarily of senior citizen aged women. To my astonishment, the elderly lady sitting right next to me laughed (uproariously so) much more throughout the movie than I ever did.

The plot is cliche and formulaic. Girl breaks up with boy. Boy meets new girl. Boy ends up with new girl. I had the ending figured out during the beginning credits. For a moment there, I felt like The Amazing Kreskin and, needless to say, it wasn't a good feeling.

I rate this film a date rental. It would have been worth full price to see at the theater if Kristen Bell or Mila Kunis exposed a bit of boob, but, alas, the audience wasn't so fortunate. It turns out the topless picture of Ms. Kunis in the flick was fake. That was quite evident when the nudie pic of Mila displayed breasts that were at least a couple of cup sizes bigger than what she honestly possesses in real life. She probably hired George Lucas' special effects team to assist in making her photographic dream chest come true.



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