Thursday, September 27, 2007


Initially, I thought the plot involved a woman who ran out of Midol and subsequently was unable to control her severe premenstrual symptoms, so she decided to go on a killing spree. Such was not the case.

It's about a woman who is brutally victimized by Hispanic gang members, who also murder her finace. This prompts Jodie's character to purchase a gun.

The wonderful part of this movie was Jodie Foster's acting. People constantly praise Meryl Streep for being the best actress alive. I would beg to differ. Jodie Foster consistently chooses the more difficult roles and pulls them off with seamless perfection. As far as acting skill is concerned, I'd rate her past Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, and Denzel Washington.

Take notes Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan. THIS is how you physically mature with grace and dignity - something that can NEVER be achieved with Botox obsessed bimbos.



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