Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rosario Dawson is Box Office Poison

If you're producing a movie, and for tax purposes you want to write it off as an expense loss, hire Rosario Dawson.

She was in two good movies that I liked (Grindhouse & Clerks II) and they both bombed at the box office. Coincidence? I think not.

Here are a multitude of movies that have grossly underperformed financially:

Shattered Glass = A minuscule $6 million budget, but still managed to lose $3 million.

Rent = Pulled in $31 million, but cost $40 million to make.

Josey & The Pussycats = Production budget of $22 million and raked in a whopping $14 million.

Grindhouse = $52 million to make and has only $22 million to show for it.

Alexander = $200 million with promotional costs and cashed in $167 million worldwide.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash = Cost over $100 million to make and had a worldwide gross of barely $7 million.

It only took one bad movie to ruin Carrot Top's film career, but Rosario Dawson's is like a headless zombie that refuses to die.

I've never seen a well known celebrity with so many poor performing films on her resume. Rosario has not one, but six movies that have grossed less than a million dollars.

And here they are:

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints = $516,139

Chelsea Walls = $59,675

King of the Jungle = $27,161

Love in the Time of Money = $6,259

Ash Wednesday = $2,942 (yep, just 4 digits in that number)

The First $20 Million = $2,535 (ironic?)

It's almost as if she goes out of her way to pick the worst scripts possible so that she can obliterate her career on purpose.

How the hell does Dawson consistently find work in Hollywood???

Does Rosario's agent sleep with producers to close deals?

Does Dawson drill peep holes in her set trailer, so studio executives can watch her do topless jumping jacks?


Rosario's next film ought to be a biopic about herself called Laughing All The Way To The Bank .



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